Unrooting + Flashing Stock for Android device stuck in Bootloop

Rashmi Rao
4 min readApr 6, 2021


Recently, my Nexus 7 got stuck in a Bootloop. I tried hard reset in hopes of making use of the recovery options, but ‘no command’ message was displayed on screen along with the dead android symbol on select.

I looked through a few options and decided on using a Nexus Root Toolkit (NRT) and a lot of articles mentioned the one developed by WugFresh as a reliable option. So I went ahead with that.

I did have data in the tablet, but none that I couldn’t recover since they were all backed up on the cloud, which is why I didn’t mind having the device configured back to stock.

Steps taken to recover device :

1. Install a Root Toolkit on your PC, I went for WugFresh Nexus Root Toolkit v2.1.9, and connect the device currently stuck in bootloop via usb.

2. After initial Root Toolkit setup on PC, enter Model Type and and the currently installed Android Version.

3. On opening the Nexus Root Toolkit window select the option for current status as ‘Soft-Bricked/Bootloop’ under current status.

4. Select the option for Flash Stock + Unroot and it asks to confirm force stock and unrooting of given fastboot device.

5. Open the recovery options menu on device and then check to see if the PC recognises the connected fastboot device.

6. Once the device is recognised as a fastboot device on the PC, select Unlocker.

7. It displays a warning reminding that the script will unlock the device and enable rooting along with full access to Android OS, but this will factory reset your device, meaning all data, apps and settings will be completely wiped. This is where cloud storage is pivotal since your data will always be backed up and accessible through any device with internet connection regardless of the state of your current physical device.

8. It now asks to select unlock bootloader and confirm ‘yes’ through the device (using volume keys to navigate and power button to select), but do keep in mind that this voids the warranty (if still valid).

9. Once the option is selected, reboot the device, but this may take some time.

10. After the process is complete, it takes you back to the recovery options menu where you select start and wait for the booting process to start.

11. This will take quite some time, especially for the Nexus 7 that I own.

12. Wait for the booting process to finish and then go through the initial setup on your device.

13. On the PC, finish the unlock script.

14. If the developer options on your android device is enabled, you may advance to other toolkit features such as rooting, OEM lock and other advanced utilities. My only intention was to break out of the bootloop, which is done, hence I don’t currently require any other toolkit features, but you could use the OEM lock to relic bootloader after flashing stock to fully return to factory settings.

15. You also have the option to save the NRT live log recorded in case you used the same toolkit as I did.

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The author is a student completing an Engineering Degree in Computer Science with Specialization in Cloud Technology and Mobile Applications.

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